1 декабря в отеле Four Seasons, Лимассол, гости из разных стран мира приняли участие в торжественном...
12 - 12 - 2017
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Russia Doing Business in Cyprus
Cyprus-Russian Business Association has conducted the survey that collects and reports points of views and attitudes of Russian businesses in Cyprus and...
06 - 12 - 2017
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Успешное проведение Форума Бизнес и Инвестиций 13 октября 2017. Лимассол.
Около 250 локальных и международных бизнесменов, бизнес-консультантов и дипломатов...
18 - 10 - 2017
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Инвестиции российского миллиардера. Новый Технологический институт в Лимассоле.
49-летний Александр Светаков, №33 в российском списке журнала The Forbes, пожертвовал Республике...
10 - 10 - 2017
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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has a meeting with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland
On May 18, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, while participating in the 127th Ministerial Session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe...
19 - 05 - 2017
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George Appios CEO sees growth, development as top priorities for AstroBank
By Stelios Orphanides AstroBank, the lender that emerged from the acquisition of a majority stake in the Cypriot unit of Greece’s Bank of Piraeus,...
28 - 04 - 2017
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Hellenic’s Matsis says too much bank regulation puts off investors
By Stelios Orphanides Ioannis Matsis, Hellenic Bank’s new top executive, said that excessive regulatory requirements for European banks discourage...
28 - 04 - 2017
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Cyprus has become a paradise for the Russian IT-industry
Recently Cyprus offshore was an outpost of Russian big business. Now, the island reached other companies - game developers, software vendors and applications,...
26 - 04 - 2017
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Cyprus pleased with the “tax negotiations” with Russia
"On Amendments to the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for the avoidance of double taxation with respect...
21 - 04 - 2017
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